Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

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Having clean water is an essential component for any business. When it’s contaminated, it can make everyone sick and dredge up problems for your company.

If you own an apartment or condominium building, restaurant, or other public establishment, testing for backflow is a necessity. South Florida’s municipal codes require annual backflow testing, and the best commercial plumbing company for the job is Coastal Commercial Services.

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What to Know About Backflow

Backflow is when contaminated water has reversed its flow and entered clean water lines. This can happen at any point where clean and dirty water lines intersect. Generally, the cause is due to a large change in water pressure. It can happen when a water main bursts, causing dirty water with hazardous human waste, chemicals, or pesticides to get into clean water and endanger everyone.

Testing for backflow is necessary because backflow prevention devices (BFP) have many working parts. These moving components can wear out in time, and regular backflow testing ensures your commercial property’s devices are in proper working order.

Prevention and Testing for Backflow

Backflow safety devices are installed to prevent backflow situations from arising. In the event of an unexpected change in the water pressure, it will stop contaminated water from getting into the clean water supply. This device must be properly installed and tested annually to keep your clean water lines free of harmful particles.

Municipal codes to keep residents safe require annual testing. Fines are imposed if your company does not complete the inspections on time. The municipality may also shut off the water supply to your business, which is why it is essential for you to make an appointment for testing well in advance.

If you’ve just taken over your commercial property or business, you may be unsure if you have a BFP device installed. You can call Coastal Commercial Services to come and inspect the lines. If you do not have one, we can install one for you.

Where Are Backflow Prevention Devices Installed?

Backflow prevention devices are installed in commercial, institutional, and industrial buildings. They are also needed for large multi-residential buildings such as those in apartment complexes or condominiums. In these settings, it is imperative to ensure backflow testing is conducted because the potential for massive quantities of contaminants is enormous. The BFP devices in these buildings are most often located where water enters the building.

Businesses that have sprinkler and lawn irrigation systems should also be concerned about testing for backflow. With the heavy rains we get in South Florida, contaminants from fertilizers, animal waste, and pesticides can get into the drinking water. You will also want backflow testing conducted for tanks, boilers, and other equipment.

If you’re not sure where you need a BFP device or when you need testing for backflow, contact Coastal Commercial Services to help ensure your clean water supply stays clean!

Count on Coastal Commercial Services for Backflow Testing

Coastal Commercial Services has spent over two decades taking care of plumbing needs for local businesses and residential properties in South Florida. Our detail-oriented family-owned company is ready to help you with backflow testing and the proper installation of backflow prevention devices.

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