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Plumbing emergencies can cause disruption to your business, so you need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Fortunately, business owners or occupants of commercial property in Indian River County or nearby locations can call Coastal Commercial Services to get plumbing emergency solutions. Our services include plumbing, heating, cooling, mechanical, and general contracting. Our location is close to Vero Beach and Indian River Shores, Florida.

Common Emergency Plumbing Problems in Indian River County

Overflowing Toilet

One of the most common plumbing emergencies is an overflowing toilet. While the toilet can start to overflow at any time, there are generally a few signs that there is a problem coming. If you hear a whistling sound from the toilet or you notice slow drainage or water rising higher than normal, you should get the toilet inspected by a professional plumber.

An overflowing toilet is not only unpleasant, but it can also cause damage to the toilet floor and fixtures. In some cases, using a plunger might fix the issue, but it is important to address the underlying issue. The overflow issue could be caused by a faulty valve, blockage, or other types of issues.

Burst Pipes

While burst pipes are more common during winter months, this problem can happen anytime. Generally, a burst pipe happens when the pipe is no longer able to withstand the internal pressure. This can be caused by corrosion or natural wear and tear of the pipe, excessive pressure due to blockages, or freezing temperatures.

A burst pipe is considered an emergency as your property can suffer from major water damage, electrical hazards, water wastage, and insurance implications. The burst pipes can also lead to excessive moisture which can eventually lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Leaking Fixtures

A leak in the faucet, hot water heater, or toilet is not only messy, but it can increase your water bill, make the fixture unusable, and damage your property. While a small leak may not be an emergency, a more severe leak can be a serious problem. In some cases, a plumbing contractor can fix the issue. However, if the fixtures are beyond repair, you might have to invest in a replacement. Our team can do a leak detection test to pinpoint the location of the leak.

Clogged Sink

Not all plumbing problems are in the bathroom. A clogged sink in the kitchen or other locations on the property is another common plumbing emergency. While minor blockages in drain lines can be fixed with a plunger, this might not work on all clogged drains. Using chemicals in your drains is risky, as it can cause damage to the drainage system. You may have to call a professional plumber to fix this problem. The plumber might use a p-trap or an auger to clear the clog.

Sewage Backup

Commercial properties are fitted with incoming water lines to supply clean water and outgoing water lines to take the dirty water away to the sewers. If the sewer line gets backed up, it can cause a blockage — or even worse, it can cause the dirty water to backflow. Sewer lines can get blocked by toilet tissue, grease, hair, or anything that gets stuck in the pipes. Different methods can be used to fix sewage blockage. At Coaster Commercial Service, we offer grease trap services and hydro jetting services to fix blockages for commercial properties in Indian River County.

Gas Pipe Leak

A gas pipe leak is a serious safety hazard. If left undetected, it can also cause a major spike in your utility bills. If you notice or suspect a gas leak, shut off the gas supply, and do not try a DIY repair. Call us at Coastal Commercial Services right away. Our team can visit your location to assess the problem and offer solutions. In most cases, a repair can fix gas pipe leaks, but in others, a replacement might be necessary.

Professional Plumbing Services 24/7 in Indian River County

At Coastal Commercial Services, we offer a wide range of plumbing services, including 24-hour emergency solutions. When our plumber arrives at your location, they will be fully equipped with all the tools, materials, and equipment needed to fix the problem.

Not only can we fix emergency problems, but we can also offer routine inspections so you can take preventive measures to avoid emergencies. Whether you have an old or new plumbing system at your property, you need to invest in regular maintenance to ensure the system remains in good condition, and if there is an issue it gets addressed as soon as possible. Any delays can worsen the plumbing issues and result in costly repairs or replacements.

A knowledgeable and licensed plumber can also install new bathroom fixtures. Here are some of the most common commercial plumbing services Coastal Commercial Services performs:

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