Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance

Parking Lot Repair & Maintenance

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While parking lots can last for decades, they need regular maintenance service, and if there are any issues, then repair services may also be needed. The earlier you can fix any parking lot issues, the less expensive it will be for you. You will also minimize disruption at your commercial property. For expert service for commercial parking lots, we welcome you to get in touch with us at Coastal Commercial Services. We specialize in services for all types of commercial property plumbing services in Florida, including professional parking lot maintenance and commercial parking lot repairs. 

Common Parking Lot Issues 

Here are some of the most common issues with commercial parking lots: 

Asphalt Cracking 

The most common issue with parking lots is asphalt cracking. This issue can be caused by poor-quality materials, exposure to direct sunlight, and weather fluctuations. If you have heavy traffic in your parking lot, then that can also expedite the appearance of cracks. If the cracks are not fixed, they will continue to develop and worsen over time. 

Drainage Problems 

Our experience in commercial plumbing systems and parking lots offers us the ideal skills to handle drainage issues. While the most common cause of draining problems is related to wear and tear of the parking lot, there could be underlying issues such as blockages or poor design. 


Potholes are often a result of water seeping into the pavement that weakens the underlying layer, causing the surface to deteriorate. Potholes in your parking lot can damage vehicles and pose a safety risk. 


The surface of a parking lot that suffers from buckling or warping appears wavy rather than flat. While heavy traffic is a common cause of this issue, there could be other problems, such as issues with parking lot infrastructure that have weakened the base. In some cases, the surface needs repair, while in other cases, the base may also need some attention. 

Disintegration at the Edges 

A common cause of disintegration at the edges is poor installation practices or the use of poor-quality materials. If the asphalt is spread too thin or beyond the layer underneath, the edges are likely to disintegrate over time. 

Parking Lot Repair Services 

Whether your parking lot suffers from surface deterioration, drainage problems, or other issues, we can fix it at Coastal Commercial. After assessing the damage, we can recommend the best solution to fix the problem. For pothole repair, we can use a mix of high-quality materials to fill the space and compact it to create a seamless and durable patch. 

For asphalt cracking issues, we clean and prepare the cracks before we use industry-grade sealants to ensure the cracks won’t reappear. A waterproof barrier will keep your parking lot protected from the water. 

Parking lot surfaces can suffer from various types of issues. We can fix them with our surface rejuvenation services where we use techniques to enhance the durability and appearance of the surface. Our services can also extend the lifespan of the parking lot surface. 

Parking Lot Maintenance Services 

While we can fix a wide range of issues with parking lots, we encourage our customers to take a proactive approach to keeping their parking lots in good condition. Through our business parking lot upkeep services, you can get minor issues fixed before they develop into major problems that require extensive service. 

Get Parking Lot Service from Experts 

Are you looking for business parking lot solutions such as parking area repair services in Florida?

With over 20 years of experience, we have a diverse range of skills for the repair and maintenance of commercial parking lots. We can use our skills to improve the functionality, appearance, and durability of your parking lot.

Call us to schedule a parking lot repair or maintenance service from one of our experts at Coastal Commercial Services. We can help you with commercial asphalt repair, expert parking facility maintenance, pothole repair for businesses, surface rejuvenation for parking lots, and more.

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